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How to Stay Young with Exercise, Staying Young Natural Exercising

Chapter 4: Exercise; Page 125

Way back when, as my awareness regarding aging, and my resulting desire and rebellion to avoid that supposed eventuality and remain young forever first began to form and invade my soul, I began to wonder - besides rebelling with all my mental power, what could I do, what actual actions could I take, that would enable me to realize that goal?

Is it possible to take any such actions, pursue any such activities?

The approach that seemed to make sense to me back then in trying to answer that question was to try to figure out what I could do, what activities I could become involved in, that old and older people didn't do, or couldn't do. So that if I engaged in those activities, and kept doing them, I wouldn't ever get old.

I reasoned that if I could simply keep on doing this activity, whatever it was or may be, and old or older people didn't or couldn't do it, then simply by definition, I'd never get old. In order to keep doing this activity, whatever it was, I'd of course have to do whatever it took to keep doing it. Seemed to make sense.

I thought and thought about it, way back when. Then, finally, it came to me. I found the answer. Or at least, I thought I did. "I've got it!" I said to myself. "I've got the answer. I know what I can do, I'll exercise! Regular, vigorous exercise! I'll just start an exercise program, and never stop! In fact, I'll just keep advancing, keep increasing the difficulty of my workout program.


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