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Chapter 3b: Philosophy; Page 57

Once you become a thinker about this Great Journey we all are on, your horizons will be expanded. Awesomely so. Limitless expansion to Heightened Dimensions. Your truly meaningful relationship with your self and your fellow inhabitants of the Planet.

An unequaled opportunity! Please avail yourself of it. The payoffs will be incredible. Open yourself to the possibility. It is within your reach and power.

As profound and puzzling as the question of life is, the answers surely will be different for each of you. This is unimportant. What is important is that by embarking down the path to a thoughtful life, you will become aware and enlightened as to the true and awesome meaning of your presence here on earth, and develop your own personal philosophy of life.

To many of you, if indeed not to the vast majority of you, it may become apparent just how shallow, thoughtless and unsatisfying are the lives we lead, possibly including yourself, and how lacking in true fulfillment. Your new enlightenment and awareness will soon begin to engender a craving for knowledge, true feeling, true meaning, contentment, experiences, satisfaction.

These thoughts and this awareness will act to cleanse your being and form a desire for truth, and nothing but the truth. Your Force will propel you to the new and different healthy lifestyle. One in which you will be able to tolerate no foolishness, no untruths, no compromises. You will be able to accept nothing other than complete honesty, because you have no precious time to waste, and no time to expend on anything other than truth. Maximum satisfaction, experiences, reciprocation.


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