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Introduction; Page 2.

This book was borne for the simple reason that, after continually hearing comments such as "you never change", "you look so young, it's amazing", throughout my entire adult life, it finally dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I should write a book about my ideas and methods. It just very well could be that it might benefit a lot of folks.

I have, since early adulthood, practiced a certain and definite lifestyle which I hoped would significantly retard the process of aging, which we all do at different rates, and it finally occurred to me after continuously hearing these comments that it may be that I just might be onto what people have been searching for since the beginning of time - eternal youth.

I believe that time has proven my methods have been successful. On one particular occasion that sticks in my Mind, I was in a nightclub and happened upon a friend that I had gone to law school with. He introduced me to the people he was with, and the conversation soon turned to our various children. When I related that my oldest child was twenty eight years old, the comment I heard from one person was - " . . When did you start having children, when you were two?"

On and on with such comments, I have heard them continuously. The event which finally was the trigger to my writing this book, occurred one day when I was taking my then twenty-one year old daughter, who closely resembles me in features and coloring, into a car rental establishment to rent her a car. The clerk, a youthful girl who appeared to be in her twenties, asked me if we were brother and sister.


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