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How to Stay Young with a Nutritional Diet, Staying Young Natural

Chapter 3d: Nutrition; Page 67

This transition from bad to good eating habits, from the wrong to the right foods, should not be all that difficult to accomplish, using our methods. A matter of simply taking the time to learn which are these correct foods. After that is accomplished, who wouldn't thereafter put only the right foods into their bodies?

Consuming anything other than the right foods after we learn what the harmful foods are would be stupid, wouldn't it? Who among us puts harmful things into our car's gas tank? Does anybody throw dirt or garbage into the gas tank?

We wouldn't do that, would we? Treat our bodies with less care and respect than our inanimate material possessions? We're not self-destructive, are we?

Hey, come to think of it, maybe we are. The big fast food chains, junk food purveyors, are multi-billion dollar corporations. That's a lot of garbage being consumed. Fatty, greasy, and Wrong.

Hamburger, fries, and a coke, please. No, no, no, folks! How many million times a day in this country? Keep it up, folks. Clog the arteries with fat! Keep those heart attacks and cancer statistics up. The American way - Heaven help us!

Time for some radically new nutrition habits and practices. Long past time for far too many of us. Medical science is finally waking up to the value of fruits and vegetables in the last ten years or so.

I have known for all my adult life. Why? I'm not sure, I just have. Maybe instinct. Perhaps early conditioning from eating so much of them as a child, thanks to my mother.


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