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Chapter 4: Exercise; Page 128

increasing the difficulty of my workout program. Keep progressing, increasing the weights. More and more difficult aerobics!"

"I'll just keep on doing it, and never stop, and I'll never get old!" I decided.

So I started. That was forty six years ago. I'm still at it. Still increasing the weights, the difficulty of the aerobics. Still progressing. Haven't reached the crest of the hill yet, and begun the downward slide. Regular, vigorous exercise, fueled by the proper food intake. Unstoppable attitude, driven by desire. Virtually my entire adult life.

Exercise. Absolutely essential. But only if aging doesn't appeal to you - and the rewards of perpetual youth do!

Of course, my early belief - that exercise stops the aging process - was not quite correct. Nothing stops the aging process.

What exercise does is slow down the aging process.

How much exercise slows the aging process is impossible to quantify. Nobody knows. Nor does it matter. Just follow the best teacher of all - experience! See where it leads. It's been my experience, following my desires, following my lifestyle practices, that up to this point, age 70, there has been no discernible difference between the aging process being slowed or stopped!

Still progressing. Advancing to the crest of the hill, wherever that may be. At age 70, more vigorous than ever.


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