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Chapter 1: Game of Life; Page 22.

How about preventative health care? We don't seem to think much about that concept. No, by and large, the general population doesn't seem to have time for that - too busy balancing the budget and making ends meet, the American way of life.
No concern about proper nourishment. Proper exercise. Who has time?

The body will take care of itself with no thought to it's care and maintenance, or what goes into it. And for forever also. Forever, that is, until the rude awakening that comes to so many of us one day, as so many of us become a statistic of the billions spent annually on remedial health care.

Each of us has to figure out for ourselves why we are here and what we want to achieve during that time. Come to our own individual conclusions as to these profound and baffling questions of this absurd game of life we're all playing. The point is, this can only be accomplished by thinking, by contemplation. Far too many of us, being consumed with the everyday demands and pressures of life, making ends meet, and all the rest, simply give no thought whatsoever to these questions. Taking your body, your self, your life, for granted, until it is too late.

Hundreds of thousands of heart attacks each and every year. The same with cancer. Feared and relentless killers. The dangerous condition of overweight - far too prevalent in the American population. The typical lifestyle which is the primary cause of this dismaying picture must change. The billions spent annually as a result, could be saved. This can be done! It is not complicated, but doable.

This can be accomplished quite simply, as a matter of fact. The first step to making these changes is awareness of the present condition, and it's root causes.

Thought and contemplation leading to enlightenment of the Higher Purpose. Once achieved, the remaining steps will follow.


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