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How to Stay Young with Sex and Lovemaking, Staying Young Natural

Chapter 3g: Sex & Lovemaking; Page 102

Therefore, initially as I was writing this manuscript, I concluded that the inclusion of the subject of sex in the formula was not called for or necessary.

As the final draft of the manuscript was nearing completion, a most significant event occurred - the introduction of the drug Viagra to the public. Shock of all shocks - what do we have here? Viagra became the biggest selling drug of all time! In record time!

Quite obviously, a little trip back to the drawing board was mandated by this phenomenon A profound event. An eye-opener. Obviously, my assumption regarding the adequacy of the sex life of the general population was wrong!

The incredible phenomenon regarding the introduction of Viagra, dramatically and accurately reflects and underscores what we all of course already knew - both the enormous, intense and universal amount of interest in sex. Much more significantly, however, and if that is even possible, is the revelation of what must be a tremendously common problem - the vast amount of dysfunction that must exist.

So unnecessary. So avoidable. And naturally! The best way, of course. The vital role that sex plays in the pursuit of staying young forever mandated a complete re-thinking of the issue on my part, and the inclusion of the material on this incredible subject.

What do they say? Sex sells. It sure does, like nothing else. That's because it's the most rewarding form of human interaction, the greatest human activity. Providing complete fulfillment in so many ways besides the physical, in it's place, and done right.


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