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How to Stay Young with Nourishment, Staying Young Natural

Chapter 3: Nourishment; Page 31

We humans, like all living things, need constant nourishment to survive. We must continue growing to survive. Being uniquely complex, the nourishment we need is more uniquely complex. We reach full growth physically, but we must not ever stop growing, stop nourishing ourselves.

Nourishment - "To furnish material to sustain the life and promote the growth of the living organism. To support. To maintain. To furnish with knowledge." *

Growth - Body, Mind, Spirit. We grow, stagnate, or die. Growth is life. Stagnation begets pollution - slow, eventual death. Death is death. Growth requires nourishment. Constant, proper nourishment.

We humans must have mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment as well as the physical. This of course is what makes us so special and unique among all living things on Earth.

We are living machines. Our Heart can be likened to an engine, as can our Brain. A most unique and indescribable Brain. We are very special, unique machines.

Like all machines, we have functioning systems. A fuel system - Digestive, Circulatory. Electric - the Nervous System - the Brain functions as the engine of the Nervous System. The Endocrine System, a Giant chemical factory,

immensely complex, on living auto-pilot, functioning 24/7. Immune Systems - redundancy built in. Waste Systems. Many more systems.

* Funk & Wagnall's New International Dictionary of the English Language


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