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How to Stay Young with Meditation, Staying Young Natural

Chapter 3c: Meditation; Page 63

Can anybody say with authority, with proof, that this cannot be done? Of course it can be done, but it is not as simple as the Mind altering a physical occurrence simply by will, as significant as this is, but these effects also play in synergy with the lifestyle that the Mind drives the Individual to lead. And the benefits of that lifestyle.

These concentration skills are developable with more ease than you might imagine, with regular daily practice.

The Mind/Body connection is scientifically beyond argument.

Intense, mental exercise, leading to the payoff of your gaining control. As you become more proficient at deep concentration on your chosen subject, you will come to achieve this ultimate desired result -- control. Control of your mind, of your thoughts, of yourself, instead of the other way around. A very important concept. Becoming proficient. Going deep. In Control. Just think how invaluable this power will be in your everyday life, when you acquire the ability to exercise it - a dramatic increase in your effectiveness and ability to function.

It is so. I can picture the Blood coursing through my arteries, clean and pure; deep, dark, red. Purified by the Nutrients provided by the Right Foods - Fruits and Vegetables, and containing no toxins from poisonous artificial food additives. Circulating. Nourishing all my tissue cells. I can visualize the cells, constantly receiving this Nourishment. All Body Systems invigorated by regular exercise. I see it in my Minds Eye. Always.

Nourishing, not aging. Staying the same. No gray hairs. No other changes either. Or rather - slow imperceptible changes. Perpetual Youth, what it's all about, if you believe strongly enough. Who's to say not?


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