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Chapter 1: Game of Life; Page 15

Numbers. The role they play in life is fascinating. Although numbers range from one to infinity, the numbers one and two, and particularly the number one, are so very significant.

With the exception of our fingers and toes, we have but one or two body parts, and as far as life itself, we all have but one of those. This fact alone should make it very precious. A singular gift. Is it not therefore inconceivable to observe one squandering this magnificent gift, wasting his or her precious life in some manner, any manner? With drugs, laziness, underachievement, or in whatever fashion? How could anyone allow a waste of such a singularly precious gift and opportunity?

I believe this destructive or apathetic behavior reveals that most of us simply do not think of the awesome profundity that is life, and therefore never appreciate the magnitude of the gift. What an incredible waste! The solution? Contemplation, awareness, enlightenment!

At the same time, for those of us who do think and contemplate as to why we're really here, as to the true, deep, and real meaning of life, for those of us who do become aware and enlightened, and act upon that enlightenment, life offers unlimited potential and rewards.

The meaning of life itself, puzzling as it is, is of paramount significance, because the mental aspect of life, i.e., thought, attitude, motivation, and desire, and the actions that are borne of and spring from these mental elements, are of the most crucial importance to the realization of indefinite youth.


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