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Prologue by Beatriz Zamudio, Ph.D.

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    By Beatriz Zamudio, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist
    Assistant Professor, former Faculty
    Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science,
    County of Los Angeles

   I initially met Mr. Ronald Sampson through a mutual acquaintance. Upon meeting Mr. Sampson, he enthusiastically requested that I read his book entitled "Staying Young Naturally: Simple, Practical, Anti-Aging Methods That Work". Mr. Sampson told me that the book contained the secrets to his success in the attainment of good physical health throughout his life, to which he attributes his youthful appearance, his energetic vigor, and his overall emotional and physical well-being.

    Mr. Sampson exudes the energy, physical demeanor, and attitude toward life of an energetic individual in his forties rather than a man in his mid-sixties. His general physical appearance and overall attitude toward life and aging is counter to that which is typically described of an individual in the latter part of his adult life.

    His book is an account of his own personal accomplishments in the attainment of good physical health, and in the pursuit and enjoyment of a relatively successful life experience, which he attributes, in large part, to the application of a "comprehensive common sense" approach to the successful attainment of physical and emotional well-being.

    ( Dr. Zamudio's position on the faculty of the Charles Drew Medical Center was instructor of the psychological aspects of comprehensive health care to family medicine physician residents. )

    While his methods are not attributed to a founded theoretical foundation, his perspective gains merit in that he resorts to the examination of his own life experience to identify the key factors that he believes contributed to his overall personal success.

    In addition to an entwinement of a large component of good common sense, Mr. Sampson, throughout his life, has learned to employ, and does employ, methods which he describes as "action propelled by desire", to achieve not only his personal health goals, but all his goals. He attributes his success in achieving these personal lifestyle successes and health care goals to a state of mind which he identifies as an early "awareness" of the undesirable effects of aging, which gave birth to an overwhelming desire to lead the healthy lifestyle that would retard these effects.

    While not formally trained in psychology, Mr. Sampson recognizes and emphasizes the crucial importance of the psychological component in relation to the intense integration of mind and body, in the attainment of physical and emotional health success. His book is a compilation of his own analysis of the daily health habits, practices and attitudes that contributed to his overall attainment and maintenance of his generally good health.

    He identifies key factors that contributed to his own personal success. He adopts a "get off your butt" daily active personal pursuit in the attainment of ones health care and life goals. His holds his own life and health accomplishments as an example of the merits of his beliefs and methods. As a clinical psychologist, I am aware of the vital significance of the psychological component in the attainment and maintenance of one's overall physical and emotional well-being, and in medical treatment.

    Formerly, I held an assistant professor and faculty position at the Charles R. Drew School of Medicine and Science, County of Los Angeles, where I taught the psychosocial component of comprehensive health care to family medicine physician residents.

    The comprehensive approach to health care is in its relative infancy in the academia and medical arenas. Mr. Sampson seems to have been employing this approach for a long time. The problem has been and continues to be particularly in the areas of patient compliance, i.e., patient follow-through. Precisely the problem that Mr. Sampson's beliefs and methods address.

    The value of this book then, is not so much in its theoretical context as in the practical - getting people to take action - to move for their own benefit; accomplished with an inviting, matter of fact, common sense treatment and approach to the daily attainment of physical and emotional well-being.

    He believes in and promotes the development, and most importantly, reveals the pathway attributable to his experience that, if followed, can lead to a meaningful retardation of the aging process, with all the accompanying rewards and benefits that will be the result, as one progresses through the life cycle.

    His recognition of the therapeutic and nurturing effects of positive inter-relationships have essential value, as do his concepts of the benefits of all areas of human life working together harmoniously.

    The sexual aspects of human interaction can be complex, depending on the emotional dynamics of the involved individuals. His treatment of these issues reveals sensitivity, and obvious experience. I believe employment of his methods would significantly reduce the incidence of sexual dysfunction, and greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

    Often it is said that experience is the best teacher. Mr. Sampson's book is just that - a retrospective analysis of his personal life experience and health beliefs and practices, to which he attributes his successful physical and emotional state as he progresses into this life stage.

    As a whole, his prescribed ideas, concepts, and methods may be described as a simple common sense approach. This is a "how to" live better and longer work from the perspective of someone who has been there.

    In my practice, I have oftentimes observed that the shared life experiences of others can be of great value when utilized as stepping stones and/or teaching tools to learning. Mr. Sampson's book is a valuable stepping stone/teaching tool.

    Beatriz Zamudio, Ph.D.
    June, 2003
    Los Angeles, California


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