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Staying Young Naturally

About the Author

Ron Sampson is a sixty nine year old entrepreneur who was born of working class parents in Los Angeles, California, and has lived there his entire life. He has been a California licensed Doctor of Optometry, Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, and nationally and internationally certified Fitness Trainer.

As a child, he began taking classical piano lessons at age seven, and by age ten, he was appearing on television talent programs, and at concerts arranged by his teacher, performing works by Beethoven, Chopin, and other Masters.

Had his Mother, who was the driving force behind this incipient career, not died prematurely, he most likely would have continued on with the Piano as a career. When she died, he simply gave it up.

He began his working career as an Optometrist, having graduated from a local school of optometry at the age of twenty-two. After some ten years of such practice, he became bored sitting in the same office every day, examining eyes, doing the same thing, and he entered a local law school at the age of thirty-three, attending at night, while supporting his family running two optometry offices.

At the age of thirty-seven, he graduated from law school and passed the bar, becoming a licensed attorney, and forever gave up practicing optometry. In the following years, he secured his real estate brokers license, general contractors license, and national and international physical fitness trainer certification with the International Sports Sciences Association. As an attorney, his practice was concentrated in the fields of real estate and personal injury, those being his primary interests.

He has, since his youth, done regular and vigorous exercise, always practiced proper Nutrition, and been of the enlightened awareness as to the real meaning of life. The True Purpose. The Higher Dimension. This has created and fueled his desire to stay young forever, and experience life to the fullest, which he has done.

His incredible and vigorous youthfulness is a testament to the fact that a lifetime of hard work is not a deterrent to this attainment, and is no excuse for ignoring your vehicle through this life, your Body. Nor is at an impediment to the goal of the attainment of Perpetual Youth, and all the pleasures and benefits that accompany youth.

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